There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a necklace. Aside from the fashion jewelry style and color, length is an important consideration. Knowing how to properly choose the length of a necklace will help a woman as she shops for jewelry. With these tips, choosing a necklace length will be easier than ever before.

Helpful Tips For Choosing Necklace Length

Choosing the right necklace length is important for an outfit and for a woman’s body type and face shape. Most women do not wear necklaces they own simply because they do not feel the necklace makes them look attractive. Often, the reason for them feeling unattractive in the necklace is simply because they chose the wrong length. The following tips will help a woman to be sure she is making the right choice when shopping for a necklace.

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The shape of a woman’s face will often determine her best length of necklace.

Oval faces are the easiest because they can basically wear any length of necklace without issue.
Square faces look best when they wear rounded choker designs, which help to soften the edges of their face.
Heart faces most often look best when a person wears a choker design that evens out the angles of their face, just like with a square face.
Those with round faces should wear longer necklaces that help to create a deep V look.
Although the above offers a guide for the right necklace length to match a face shape, a woman also needs to make sure she checks out her outfit before making a choice. Obviously, a turtleneck is not going to pair well with a choker. A woman should choose a longer necklace for open necklines and higher necklines will look best with smaller necklaces that are rounder.

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